Our Services

We offer a full range of oral hygiene services available to people of all ages with or without dental insurance.  We will refer you to a health care specialist for anything beyond our expertise.

Focus on DH services

Oral Health Assessment

Head and neck screening for oral cancer
Under gum examination and monitoring for gum disease (bone loss or receding gums)

Teeth Cleaning

We’ll clean your teeth above and under your gums

Fluoride application

Decay prevention, and for some, helps desensitize teeth

Tooth Whitening

We can provide you with a take home package, or we can do it for you at the clinic.


Fabrication of sports guards / mouth guards

We can fabricate with a logo or design for individuals or teams

Oral Hygiene Education

We will provide you oral hygiene coaching based on your prevention plan.
We can also give oral hygiene education to groups.