“To all of you out there trying to find a good hygienist. Look no further. I have had many hygienists during my 40 year struggle with gum and teeth problems. I have been in “the chair” over a hundred times.  I am so lucky to have met Cheri at Focus on Dental Hygiene. Cheri is a leader in her field. She is internationally recognized and has pioneered new tools and procedures. She is also a Senior Instructor at the Camosun College School of Dental Hygiene. And now Cheri has created another first; a dental hygiene clinic lead by a hygienist, not a doctor/dentist.   Simply put, Cheri is outstanding. Cheri has a very high degree of knowledge, skill and versatility. She takes the time to do it right and she really does care. I have had dozens of other hygienists and most were not even close to Cheri’s level. It doesn’t get better than Cheri. She is truly a master artist at her craft.  Cheri has carefully selected the other hygienists on her staff for their quality as well. She oversees them and conducts specialized training with them, so you can have confidence no matter which of her other hygienists you chose.  Do you want the best dental hygienic care that money can buy? Well here it is, right here in Victoria, at Focus on Dental Hygiene. Top class dental hygiene care at great rates. Take it from me, someone who knows the difference, Cheri is the best hygienist ever. If you going anywhere else, it’s because you don’t know what you’re missing.   Sincerely yours, David M.  ”

“Lindsey and Cheri always make me feel very comfortable and are very gentle and kind while cleaning my teeth.  They help you relax and enjoy the cleaning experience.  Every time I leave I feel more informed and confident that my teeth and mouth are improving and looking and feeling amazing.  I strongly recommend everyone I know to come have them [Cheri and Lindsey]  clean their teeth.  Come see them!!”



“So nice to meet you all and ‘enjoy’ your services today.  I was so impressed with Cheri.  It’s rare these days to find someone so committed to excellence and it’s apparent she has both a genuine enthusiasm for what she does and is constantly keeping herself up on the latest and greatest in hygiene and processes. I felt pampered and cared for like never before in a dental chair.  It will be a joy to come to my second appointment.  That gel which ‘freezes’ the gums is a godsend.  Where do I buy stock in that stuff?  It’s like the next best thing since chocolate was invented!  Cheri explained it all, was very encouraging and armed me with the tools I need to get back to better gum health.   I’m pretty sure I’ve found a new home for my dental health and I’ve already sent out an email to all my friends telling them all about your services.”

Judy M.


“You guys are my *new* heroes, it’s like going to the spa for my teeth – finally, people that care!!!”

Pina M


“I love this place!

Friendly staff, beautiful setting and a great location.”

Scott A.


“I have attended Cheri Wu for quite a number of years; I have never, in my 67 years, had such thorough, careful, thoughtful or educational hygiene care in my life.  You will very likely need less ‘dental care’ with having her taking care of your dental hygiene and after you do this, will agree with my accolades!”

Joy W.


“I am a dentist who recently moved to Victoria after working five years ago with Cheri as a Vancouver General Hospital resident on temporary placement at the Cool Aid dental clinic.  Through my time spent at Cool Aid, Cheri was an incredible resource during part of this initial formative year for me as a dentist.  With an incredibly warm heart, Cheri has such a infectiously positive and professional approach to dealing with everyone under her care.  She commands respect from colleagues and patients alike for her humble approach despite her unbelievable wealth of knowledge on oral health care.  I am excited for those patients who will be fortunate to find themselves under Cheri’s care.”

Dr. Adam W. Pite – Oak Bay, BC

” I left feeling more relaxed than when I came in.”

Paul R